PMA Long Course – Initial Test
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What Should be the Dress During Initial Interview

  • Dress-Pant, dark color may be dark blue, black or brown
  • Shirt, light blue or white or light brown color.
  • Or shalwar Qameez of decent color with waste coat.
  • Formal Shoes.

How to Behave – Conduct During Initial Interview

  • Enter the interview room with faith in Allah and self-confidence.
  • Listen to the questions carefully and give relevant answers.
  • The candidate must answer questions in an easy and natural way.
  • Be smart in answering but don’t be clever
  • Don’t try to prove your intelligence.
  • Should be sensible and wise and display energy, remain lively.
  • Use simple and right words while answering questions.
  • Be sharp, should not pause for a long time.
  • Keep eye contact.
  • Don’t be defensive, admit mistakes, if these are there.
  • You should bluff or go for a hazard guess if you are unknown to some question or don’t know an exact answer, you don’t know something correctly, own it.
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